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本文摘要:Unit1 Where’s your pen pal from?1. --你的笔友来自那里? -- Where is your pen pal from? (无“实义动词come, 用is/are”)--他来自加拿大。



Unit1 Where’s your pen pal from?1. --你的笔友来自那里? -- Where is your pen pal from? (无“实义动词come, 用is/are”)--他来自加拿大。-- He/She is from Canada.同义句:-- Where does your pen pal come from? (有“实义动词come, 用do/does”)-- He/She comes from Canada.来自:be from = come from练:They’re _______ Australia, a beautiful country.A. come from B. comes from C. from D. for2. --你的笔友来自加拿大吗?-- Is your pen pal from Canada? (用法同上)--是的。-- Yes, he/she is.同义句:-- Does your pen pal come from Canada? (用法同上) -- Yes, he/she does.3. 他来自澳大利亚:He is from Australia. 他是澳大利亚人:He is Australian.4. --你的笔友住在那里?-- Where does your pen pal live? --他住在多伦多。

-- He/She lives in Toronto. 居住在某地:live in sp练:-- When _____ the girl _____ her homework? -- In the evening.A. does, does B. does, do C. is, do D. is, does-- _______ your sister have a pen pal? Yes, she _______.A. Is, is B. Does, do C. Can, can D. Does, does-- Ling Tao is a Chinese, but now he _______ in the UK.A. live B. is C. is from D. comes from5. --你的笔友说什么语言?-- What language does your pen pal speak?--他说英语。-- He/She speaks English.说某种语言:speak+语言; 其他用法:speak a little+语言;speak in+语言;用某种语言说某工具:say sth in+语言; 对某人说:say to sb 告诉某人:tell sb练:My new pen pal ________ me that he can ________ Chinese but only a little.I can’t ________ French, but I can ________ it in English.6. 我喜欢和我的朋侪一起去看影戏:I like going to the movies with my friends.① 句型:喜欢做某事:like doing sth = like to do sth② 去看影戏:go to the movies ③ 看影戏:see a movie7. 写信给某人:write to sb = write a letter to sb相互写信:write to each other 相互写电子邮件:write e-mails to each other8. 一部行动影戏:an action movie9. 告诉我关于你自己:tell me about yourself讲故事:tell a story 讲故事给某人听:tell a story to sb10. 在周末:on weekends 在平时:on the weekdays11. 相似单词比力:(1) 信:letter 一点:little (2) 法国:France 法语:French12. (1) like v. 喜欢; 如:He likes reading.(2) like prep. 像; 如:He looks like his mother.13. (1) country n. 国家; 如:There are many countries in the world.(2) country n. 乡村;如:乡村音乐:country music He lives in the country.14. (1) from perp. 来自; 如:My pen pal is from Canada.(2) from prep. 从; 如:Let’s read from the beginning of this book.Unit2 Where’s the post office?1. 问路:(1) Excuse me, how can I get to the post office?(2) Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the post office?2. --这儿四周有一个邮局吗?-- Is there a post office near here?--是的。-- Yes, there is. (否认:。




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